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Waterproof cards and board
3.6m event shelter
Hot tap adaptor 24mm
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The fantastic bubble bath party for grown ups.

We cover Hertfordshire and some parts of London, Essex, Bedfordshire and Surrey.

The number one question asked about hot tubs is ...... can I use bubble bath?  The answer is always "NO". It damages the hot tub and creates a cleaning nightmare.  That's generally true, but with the right cleaning methods the risks of damage are minimised.

This specially formulated bubble mixture transforms your hot tub into a bubble bath. It is not usually recommended to mix bubble bath with hot tubs but we have tested many bubble mixtures to come up with one that is kind to skin and quick to dissipate once the water jets are off. Because of the extra cleaning required after the hire period, we have to charge more than the sachet prices but you can't put a price on fun!

Please note that surfaces can be extra slippery with foam so extra care must be taken. The bubbles will disappear within a couple of minutes once the water jets are stopped but they will come back once the jets are turned on again.It may be a good idea to add the sachets towards the end of the hire period as once they are added you will get lots of bubbles every time the water jets are turned on.

You will receive enough bubble mixture so that you decide whether you want a few bubbles, a very bubbly time, or a super foam party!!

 And so we can offer it to you.......
  • With 2 nights use of the hot tub (with an additional night being included in your package to heat the tub up)
  • A 2.4m event shelter
  • Party bluetooth speaker and LED light show
  • Hot tub LED light
  • A box of delicious chocolate
  • Bottle of delicious Prosecco  & plastic glasses
  • 2 helium party balloons
  • and most importantly a bottle of special hot tub foam*

* Very important. It is essential that you do not use any other bubble bath or foaming liquid on the hot tub. Not only will this produce too many bubbles but other bubble bath mixtures will damage the hot tub. If it is found that you are using any other bubble liquids then you will be liable for the damage to the hot tub.   Bubble liquids can be slippery and so it is recommended that there is parental supervision at all times. Ensure that the floor is wiped up immediately if there are any spills. Please see our terms and conditions to read about all the safety instructions for hot tubs.

We recommend that you use the foaming sachet at the end of your hire period as once you put it in you will have foam for ever more. So save it until you are not likely to want to use the hot tub after.

Note: The foam will take a few minutes to build up when the jets are switched on. They will disappear as soon as the jets are turned off, but turn them on again and they come back! Add all 3 sachets if you want super foam!

Relax in one of our fantastic inflatable hot tubs. The most popular option, the 3 night package is a fantastic way to sample one of our great hot tubs. We will come to you and set up a fantastic hi-tec inflatable hot tub in your garden. Imagine the fun of a hot tub but without the hassle of cleaning and maintaining it, not to mention the hassle of storage and wear and tear. Within a few hours the tub can be filled with cold (or hot) water from your tap.  

All hot tub hires include:

  • Set up and tutorial
  • 1 night for heating up and 2 nights for you to use
  • A hot tub / heater and clip-on cover
  • A new washable debris filter
  • Chlorine tablets
  • Water removal and equipment dismantling
  • Anti-bac spraying post hire
  • Optional extras available above

As it is inflatable, we can set it up in places where a solid tub cant fit, so this is the ideal choice for everyone with the comfort and features found in much more expensive hot tubs. This price is for 3 nights, so when you make an online booking, choose the options you require above, add to the cart and then select a delivery date and time slot when you get to the delivery section of the checkout process. 

A bit about the difference between the hot tubs..... There are 3 to choose from, the 2-4 person Miami, the 4-6 person Hawaii and the 5-7 person Helsinki with its wooden look All models have hundreds of bubbles originating from the bottom of the hot tub.  They vary in size and colour but all operate in the same way and take up a similar floor space of 1.8m to 2.0m.

From you we require:

  • A returnable £45 damage deposit, refunded after the safe return of the hot tub
  • A clean garden hose and water (we will need to use your hose to fill the hot tub, but you will need to complete filling after we have left. The tub can take between 20 and 36 hours to heat up depending on the weather and type of tub hired. 
  • A flat clean surface (good quality mown grass, patio or secure decking)
  • A safe power supply (indoors or outdoors)
  • 10 minutes to go through how to use the hot tub

To book it, choose your options above and add to cart.  If you purchase the optional hot tap adaptor, then this is for you to keep. Filling with warm water can give you up to 33 extra hours use of the hot tub as you don't have to wait until it heats up.


Lay Z Spa features
Heat up time Miami: 20-24 hours / Vancouver: 20-24 hours / Hawaii 24-28 hours / Helsinki 26-36 hours
Water capacity 800 litres for Miami / 804 litres for Vancouver / 840 litres for Hawaii / 1123 litres for Helsinki
Capacity 2-4 people for Miami / 3-5 people for Vancouver / 4-6 people for Hawaii / 5-7 people for Helsinki
Operating temperature Up to 40 degrees celcius
Setup time 45 minutes
Size Miami: 1.80m diameter x 0.66m height / Vancouver: 1.55m x 0.60m height / Hawaii 1.80m diameter x 0.71m height / Helsinki 1.80m diameter x 0.66m height. All measurements are external
Special features Up to 140 air jets

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