10 Super Foam 50ml bottles

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This specially formulated bubble mixture transforms your hot tub into a bubble bath. It is not usually recommended to mix bubble bath with hot tubs but we have tested many bubble mixtures to come up with one that is kind to skin and quick to dissipate once the water jets are off. Because of the extra cleaning required after the hire period, we have to charge more than the sachet prices but you can't put a price on fun!

Please note that surfaces can be extra slippery with foam so extra care must be taken. The bubbles will disappear within a couple of minutes once the water jets are stopped but they will come back once the jets are turned on again.It may be a good idea to add the sachets towards the end of the hire period as once they are added you will get lots of bubbles every time the water jets are turned on.

IMPORTANT: Manufacturers do not recommend foam.

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