What sort of gardens are hot tubs suitable for?

All hot tubs need a flat surface with less than a 3 degree slope. Muddy ground is not suitable. Patios, decking, grass, astroturf is fine as long as the surface can take the weight of the water.

Hot tubs need a garden size of at least 3x3m or 4x4m for packages with gazebos.  We will need clear and step free access to the setup area with at least 70cm clear path to the setup point.

What sort of access do I need?

Due to the amount of heavy equipment we bring to your home, we will require a parking space near to your property which is no more than 15 metres from it.  We don't do steps so if you have more than 3 steps then please contact us before booking.  Parking costs are not included, so if we need to pay to park then this will be charged to you.

Can the installer come through the house?

We need a clear path of a least 70cm, so if you have this from the front door all the way to where you want the hot tub, then that is fine. Any less than this and we may knock things over or scratch walls. We can not be held liable for any damage caused if there is less than 70cm clearance.

What do I need to hire a hot tub?

You need a clear place to put it without any chance of puncture, a hose and tap and a power socket either outside or inside within 15 metres of where you want the hot tub situated.  It is best not to place it under trees due to bird droppings and leaves etc. You also need a clear path to the setup point as mentioned above.

Do I need water?

Yes, you will need a tap, water and a hose. We are unable to supply cold or warm water.

Can I turn off the hot tub at night?

Definitely not.  The water will go cold and you will need to wait for it to warm up again.

How much and how long are the hires for?

Hires are a minimum of 3 nights and prices start from £205 depending on which hot tub you hire.

How much does it cost for delivery?

Delivery is free up to 10 miles from our base, but check out our delivery price table here.

Why is delivery so expensive for non-local hires?

A 30 mile delivery means 120 miles for us, bearing in mind that we have to drive there and back twice.  Driving expenses, time and staff costs together with potential call-outs mean that prices can be quite high if you are based far from us.

Do I need a garden hose?

Yes, although we do have a backup hose on board, due to the number of hot tubs we set up we can't leave them at customers houses. So you will need your own hose.  Be aware that if your hose has not been used for a while you will need to clean them out / run them for a minute to eject bacteria that can build up inside.

Can I set up the hot tub inside?

We can, however it is not a good idea due to the risk of flooding.

Can we fill from a hot kitchen tap?

We have different adaptors that fit most non-designer kitchen taps and showers. Please let us know in advance if you wish to fill with warm water. It can be a good idea as you can gain up to 36 extra hours of hot tub use if you fill with hot water.

Can I put it on a slope?

We recommend a flat surface, however if you don't mind a deep and shallow end then you can place on a surface which has a 1-2 degree slope.

How hot do the hot tubs get?

They go up to 40 degrees C but we recommend 37 or 38 degrees C for a longer dip.

Can children use the hot tubs?

Provided that they are supervised at all time then children are fine to use the tubs at most ages.  We recommend a temperature of 37 degrees C for children. Keep them hydrated and if their faces turn red, take them out to cool down

How quickly do the tubs get dirty?

If you don't get dirt in the hot tub then it will stay clean. Things to watch out for are mud, leaves, flowers, insects, skin creams, make up, hair, body fluids.  Keep all this out and you will have much longer pleasant experience with yout tub. Your hot tub will be unusable in a day if you dont take precautions, but can be crystal clear after two weeks if you do. We supply Chlorine either in powder or tablet form. Whilst this can't prevent dirt getting in the tub, it can kill harmful bacteria.

How long will my hot tub take to warm up?

In the winter the largest tubs can take up to 36 hours to warm up, whilst the smallest tubs can warm up in 12 hours in the summer. It depends on the temperature of the water you put in, how much water goes in, whether you keep the cover on, the air temperature, wind conditions and how good your electricity supply is.

I have to cancel my booking. Will I get my money back?

If you cancel more than a week  before your delivery date then you will receive a refund minus a £25 admin charge.  If you cancel less than 7 days from the delivery date then you will be charged £75.

Where does the water go at the end?

We have a 6 metre hose and fast pump to empty the water. We can empty it down a drain or on the lawn. If our hose does not reach your drain then we may have to empty it on the lawn or patio. By the time we pick it up there will only be trace amounts of Chlorine in the water, so  your lawn will not be affected. IF you do not have a drain within 6 metres then we reserve the right to empty the water in situ.

Why do we have to leave the hot tub on and warm on pickup day?

To ensure that the hot tub is working for the next customer we need to see it on and working. Warm water makes it easy for us to clean the hot tub and ensures that the hot tub does not freeze oer in the winter.

Why is there a damage deposit?

We have to charge a £45 damage deposit in case you damage our equipment. This deposit will be returned after the end of the hire if there is no damage.

Can I extend the hire period?

Please check with us to ensure that there is availability and that someone hasn't already booked your hot tub after you. Extra nights are charged at £15 per night.