Hozelok hot tap adaptor

  • Product Code: Hozelok hot tap adaptor (20-24m)
Tags: Tap adaptor


With this adaptor you will be able to fill the hot tub with warm water, potentially saving up to 33 hours heating time.

You should be able to use the hot tub within 3 hours of starting to fill up, providing that you do not run out of hot water.

This fits taps with a diameter of between 20-24mm.   

Your outside water hose fill only fit to this if it has a standard Hozelok adaptor, which most shop bought ones do nowdays.

When filling, ensure that the water is not hotter than bath temperature, or the pump heater will malfunction.


1) Connect adaptor to your kitchen or bathroom tap

2) Connect your outside hose to the adaptor

3) Start filling the hot tub, with warm (not hot) water

You get to keep the adaptor!

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