is key

Before you use the hot tub for the first time, it is necessary to add some chemicals that will keep the tub clean and clear. This chemical is called Chlorine.
Chlorine is essential to fight bacterial build up over the hire period. We will give you enough sachets of Chlorine to last for the entire hire period. We also supply each tub with a brand new filter so you can be assured that you wont be recirculating someone else's dirt.
When we come to collect the tub at the end of the hire period, we will clean it before packing it away.

Free set-up and collection

Relaxation will start straight away with the simple booking process. With this in mind, we will deliver the equipment and set-up the hot tub a day before it is needed. It usually takes around a day to warm up so when you wake up the next day it should be ready to jump into. We will then collect it on the last day and take it back to our offices. All this is included in your hire package (up to 10 miles from our offices).

Safe equipment promise

Hot tubs are powered by electricity and as such, care needs to be taken. Our tubs have RCD cut-offs fitted as standard. If there are any electrical issues the unit willl shut itself down without any risk to you. Any supplied electrical items are either battery operated or located far away from the tub itself. All equipment supplied is PAT tested annually and all our hire services are all covered by our public liability insurance.

Optional add-on offers

We have many extras that you can purchase through the website that will make your hot tub hire even more special. These range from ambient lighting to inflatable drinks trays. Just go to the add-ons category, have a look and add some to your shopping cart. Our add-ons are split into two categories, add-ons to buy and add-ons to hire. All hire prices are for the duration of the booking regardless how long.