Add-ons for hot tubs

Why not buy some extras to make your hot tub experience even better.  These add-ons can only be purchased with a hot tub hire package.

100% silk rose petals to buy
To create a romantic and opulent mood, why not add some silk rose petals to your tub. You ..
£5.00 Excl VAT: £4.17
120W bluetooth speaker & light show to hire
A whopping 120W large speaker system with dazzling lights beaming on the ceiling and on t..
£15.00 Excl VAT: £12.50
6 Floating LED candles to buy
These come in packs of 6 and create a lovely warm yellow candle light with a flickeri..
£10.00 Excl VAT: £8.33
Ambient gazebo lights for hire
The white gazebo is beautifully framed when used in conjunction with these lights. We wrap..
£10.00 Excl VAT: £8.33
Bluetooth speaker and light show to hire
To create a party atmosphere you could put your phone on loud speaker, but when you want ..
£10.00 Excl VAT: £8.33
Bottle of bubbly
Go on, treat yourself to a bottle of bubbly!..
£10.00 Excl VAT: £8.33
Changing rooms to hire
It's a real hassle running into the house after getting out of the tub. Well now you don't..
£15.00 Excl VAT: £12.50
E-shisha pens to buy
* May differ to those shown in picsThese disposable E-shisha sticks will add a bit of nove..
£3.00 Excl VAT: £2.50
Gazebo heater to hire
When you come out of the hot tub take the chill off the air by hiring one of our gazebo he..
£15.00 Excl VAT: £12.50
Hook a duck game hire
All the fun of the fair in a hot tub near you with the Rubber Duck Fishing Game.  U..
£10.00 Excl VAT: £8.33
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